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Do You Need An Architect? Why Choose Us?

Ask yourself these general questions

1. Who can translate my ideas into a visual and structurally economical reality?

2. Who has the expertise, experience and knowledge to give me options to obtain my specific project goals?

3. Who can advise me on selecting appropriate, durable, cost effective construction materials?

4. Who can take all my ideas and turn them into drawings which will instruct and guide the tradespeople on how and what to do to complete my project?

5. Who can advise me on the planning, design, drafting and implementation of my project?

6. Who can assist me with building codes, health codes, zoning ordinances, safety requirements, licensing requirements and possible handicapped accessibility needs and requirements?

7. Who can advise and draft site layouts, landscaping ideas and parking requirements as required?

8. Who can advise me on what's required or obtain needed permits?

9. Who can I have watching the construction proceed making sure that drawings are followed?

10. Who can assist me with contracts, contractor bidding and project scheduling?

If you answered yes to any of the questions then you need an architect.


Why Larry Miller, Architect / Construction Manager

- 40 years of experience in all types of projects big or small.

- We will put the client's best interest ahead of all other responsibilities.

- We will be your check and balance on making this project a success.

- We will advise you and draw plans so to avoid hidden
contractor costs and costly extras.

- We will charge you a fair comparable fee for all our work which compares to any contractor selected designer. The fee will be less than you might assume. Any "contractor included drawing" will be hidden somewhere in his bid for the work.