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The LAM Architect Builder and the Design-Build Concept

Many architectural firms offer purely architectural services for projects. Once the design and construction drawings are complete they step away and leave the rest of the project to the general contractor. We are different than most architects because in addition to architectural services we offer Architect-led construction management.

The LAM Architect, during the design phase of your project works with hand-picked subcontractors to come up with the best approach and options for all systems, materials, and construction methods so your project can be built in the best cost effective and time saving method.  Construction drawings are thus completed from this input and project costing takes place during the construction drawing phase which saves time and therefore your money.  The LAM Architect, who has designed the project, then manages construction in place of a general contractor with the intimate knowledge of all details of the project.

The Traditional General Contractor: Time Line and Approach

  1. The owner hires architect for his / her project.
  2. The architect designs the project with the owner, then completes construction drawings and documents from owner information.
  3. The owner receives the documents and goes to general contractors to get fixed fee bids.
  4. The general contractor is selected after negotiations with owner, most likely low bidder. Changes are brought back to architect for re-drawing.
  5. The contractor completes the project for this fixed amount and all extra costs come from the general contractor to owner as fixed amounts during construction.
  6. The architect is not involved after drawing completion and owner must trust Contractor to follow drawings, costs, and changes to original fixed amounts.
  7. The project schedule is much longer and project is more costly.  Changes are more numerous and costly. Owner has minimal input in cost of changes.

The LAM Architect Builder - Design / Build Concept: Time Line and Approach

  1. The owner hires The LAM Architect Builder who performs all architectural and general contractor duties. This is considered construction management.
  2. The LAM Architect Builder and the owner develop design drawings with input of sub-contractors and material suppliers.
  3. The LAM Architect Builder and the owner, during design and construction drawing phases, collectively have sub-contractors submit competitive bids which include optional methods / costing and collectively hire those selected.
  4. The LAM Architect Builder, owner, hired sub-contractors and material suppliers work as a team to gather information, finish designing the project and produce construction drawings and documents to build the project. 
  5. The LAM Architect Builder builds project for a fixed fee or percentage of material and labor cost. The owner sees all project costs and has control of all 
     extra changes which are controlled by the whole team.
  6. The LAM Architect Builder, sub-contractors and owner finish construction as a team.


The LAM Architect Advantages:

  1. The relationships between The LAM Architect, the owner and the sub-contractors are based on communication and mutual trust.
  2. With all parties involved throughout the entire design and construction process to project completion, the owner gets the best value for labor, materials and systems and is involved in all decisions.
  3. The LAM Architect facilitates creativity and innovation from this construction team.
  4. There is a high level of communication within this project team throughout the project, from beginning to end.
  5. Using a The LAM Architect Design / Build approach ends the segregation of architect / contractor and the owner.
  6. There exists an orderly transition from design through finished construction because the architect does not just develop the drawings but is integrally involved in the construction. Plus, these same construction team members are involved in the project from beginning to end.


We Recommend The LAM Architect Design / Build Because:

  1. There is a greater focus on team effort, where everyone collaborates to complete the project.
  2. The LAM Architect directs, manages, and coordinates all work throughout the project: he (1) designs, (2) produces construction drawings, and (3) directs construction to completion.
  3. Costing and system design during the design of the project is a collaboration by the team of The LAM Architect, owner and sub contractors.
  4. Streamlined schedule for construction time and cost savings.
  5. Changes and field problems have simpler, less costly solutions.
  6. The original design intent is preserved because The LAM Architect is always involved and collaborates with the owner on any design scope changes.