LAM Services


1. Medical and Recreational Marijuana Facilities

  • Dispensaries
  • Processing
  • Green House / Growing

Assist with licensing State and local approval and permits.

2. Daycare Facilities

  • Site plans for Planning Commission approvals.
  • Daycare centers, Type A and Type B. Plans.

3. Accessibility Expert

4. Expert Witness Testimony

Most architectural firms offer purely architectural design and drawings for projects. Once the design and construction drawings are complete the architect is finished. The construction of the project is now in the hands of the owner. At our firm we have, in addition to architectural drawing, architect-led construction management, as well as expert witnessing and special use permits such as daycare and carry-outs.

For projects we are hired to perform construction management, during the design phase of your project, we work with hand-picked subcontractors to come up with the best approach and options for all systems, materials, and construction methods so your project can be built in the best cost effective and time saving method. Then our architect, who has designed the project, manages construction in the place of general contractor. With the intimate knowledge of all details of the project our architect sees the project construction to its finish.